ELN demos

Welcome to ELN demo-installations provided by NFDI4Chem.

The idea is to provide testable demo instances of some available ELNs, so that users can make an informed choice.

This however comes with the caveat that the demo installations provided by us may not be fully featured and it is best to use/ask for an official demo (helpful links are included here).

Test instances for the following ELNs are hosted by us:

openBIS can be hosted by us upon request with official demo also available.

Suggestions for more (FOSS) ELNs to test-and-try are welcome.

Please keep in mind that these test/demo instances come with no liabilty, no backup and no (formal) support. Use them for testing and playing but use them at your own risk. In fact, note that data in them is periodically deleted without notice.

1 & 3 Contact our helpdesk if you want access to these, the sign-up process is not automated for these demo instances.

2 Remember to create a new team / become part of an existing team in order to start navigating the system.